Drivers Recognition
Drivers have prejudice that they can hit them in emergency.
Drivers recognize the damage to their cars when violating lanes.
Plastic rod and floor fixture are produced as one whole part, so separation or damage to the rod might happen due to direct force to the bolt of floor fixture when hit.
Stainless floor fixture and the rod are separated. When hit by a car, it bends 90? and softly recover by the spring and wire at the bottom plate.

Durability (shock-absorbing)

The plastic product lacks supporting device for internal shock.
Double supporting device prevents product damage from external shock.

Maintenance and

When the rod or floor fixture is damaged, the whole part needs to be exchanged by pulling off all the bolts, causing road damage and more work force.
Since the floor fixture and the rod are separated, simple change of the rod is possible without touching the floor fixture when the rod is damaged.

(chemical action)

In this country which has 4 distinct seasons, plastic compound product has short life cycle, and the traffic lane restriction role weakens when stained by calcium chloride or other pollutants
This stainless-304 material polishing product is permanently usable without rust or change in quality. Dirt cannot easily adhere to this polished products, which can be easily removed.
Reflective Light
Generally plastic product is weak to ultraviolet rays. It can easily oxidize, and its role is simply supporting rather than reflecting light.
This carefully polished stainless product strongly emits reflective light from itself. There are obvious effect of safe driving and traffic lane restriction.
Reflective Light
Illumination of reflective light is made by the cars headlight when it is very dark. The plastic product has a weak reflective light before evening or middle of night.
The self-reflective light works well even in the daytime regardless of the weather condition.
Night-light Tape

The night-light tape is attached to the plastic rod. The reflective light tape might get damaged when hit by a car, decreasing reflecting effect.

This product has a nice appearance. It has great night-light tapes on the stainless wrinkled rod in order to protect the tapes.
It is hard to recycle this product. More cost is needed if managing damaged product.
The stainless material can be recycled. Benefit is expected when disposing it.